Carleton Tavern 

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The 5th Nacho experience was at the Carleton Tavern in Ottawa. 
Total Score: 2/5

Portion Value: $5 Nachos! The price was so cheap because appetizers were half price. They were slightly bigger than a dinner plate. If paying full price, these would be considered small. By far the best price so far and gives them a score boost.

Topping Quality: Tomatoes, green peppers, red onion, Mozzarella cheese and a random jalapeño with salsa (store bought) on top. No guacamole or sour cream was a blow. Nachos demand good cheese and these guys could have used a little backup out there. Mozzarella alone is never a good idea.

Topping Distribution: the veggies were spread around all of the chips. The salsa was clearly dolloped over a few select chips, leaving some to be over salsa'd and other longing for salsa attention.

Chip Quality: The chips put up a good fight and battled hard but many ended up soggy and defeated due to some overzealous salsa'ing.

Presentation: Nachos on a plain dinner plate with no flair. Just like your grandma would make for you when you came to visit.

Overall impression: compared to the rest of our stops, these guys fell flat. To avoid disappointment, order them during their half price times. The Carleton Tavern's nachos pack a weak punch but the atmosphere, live music and quarts of Labatt 50 will make up for it.