Sens house - byward market

We've had many people tell us that we needed to try the nachos at Sens House so we gave the beef brisket ones a go! 

Total Score: 4/5

Portion Value: $15 for base nachos and $4 for the brisket that is taken from their downstairs neighbors the Lowertown Brewery. A decent sized plate was shared as an appy by 4 adults and served as a good start to the meal. The brisket was the captain of the dish and was definitely worth the cost of the upgrade. 

Topping Quality: House-blend cheese, Pico de gallo, jalapeños, green onions and cumin cream with the aforementioned brisket. Toppings that packed some decent flavours, though they were definitely carried by the brisket. 

Topping Distribution: Hard to find a chip that wasn't covered by at least the cumin sour cream. The other toppings were biased towards the middle of the plate and not enough of them to move around to the other chips. 

Chip Quality: The chips were fresh, durable and could hold a lot on them. Had a good crunch to them and stayed strong until the end. A strong point for this plate. 

Presentation: Clean, orderly and well spread across the plate, these guys showed well. 

Overall Impression: We are sure glad that we ordered the brisket as a topping or else these guys would have fallen short. Great chip and a good premium topping but lack of a good supporting cast.