Next up to face the Ottawa Nacho Jury was the Royal Oak on Hunt Club. 
Total score: 3/5

Portion Value: Royal Oak partners with the Ottawa Sport and Social Club and gives a free order of nachos and wings for teams! A great deal for OSSC teams. Sharing size nachos are regularly $16. 

Topping Quality: corn chips, cheese, tomato, green onion and jalapenos. Served with salsa and sour cream. The toppings are the nacho basics. Nothing to call your mom about, but you should call her anyways because she is your mother and hasn't heard from you in way too long. 

Topping Distribution: well spread across all the chips. Good cheese coverage throughout. 

Chip Quality: a decent chip that didn't get soggy throughout the meal. The real show stopper here is the addition of a tortilla as the foundation. This is a game changer and should be included in all nachos. Eliminates all topping waste. 

Presentation: no complaints here, looked great! Well cooked throughout as well. 

Overall Impression: some pretty basic nachos that won't blow your mind but did their job. Shout out to the tortilla foundation!