We asked the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson about his favourite nacho spot in the 613. As you can see below, he was a big fan of the Old Mexi's on Bank St. While it may be a new restaurant now, we decided that we still needed to check out Rosie's on Bank and give their Grande Nachos a try. 

Total Score: 4.5/5

Portion Value: $15 for a decent portion. These are a good size for restaurant sized nachos but smaller than the average pub portion. 

Topping Quality: Fresh to death. The toppings were of great quality. You could really tell that nothing came from a can or jar which is a huge bonus. 

Topping Distribution: Unlike an episode of Game of Thrones, there was no nudity here. Much like the dragons in Game of Thrones, these guys pack a lot of heat. Fresh veggies on top and a flavourful red sauce drizzled across, these guys brought their A-game. 

Chip Quality: Fried in-house. Sturdy, crunchy, tasty, resilient. These are all words that would describe these chips very well. Also, our waiter was very excited about the chips. If we could all love anything as much as our waiter loves the chips, the world would be a better place. 

Overall Impression: If you are a fan of spice, you will enjoy these guys. For us, you can tell these are restaurant nachos, vs your typical pub nachos. In this case, quality over quantity. The chips are great, the toppings are fresh, the chicken wasn't too dry and the sauce was tasty. Highly recommended!