Our first stop brought us to Real Sports Bar & Grill. Setting the bar!

Total score: 4/5

Portion Value: regular nachos $15 + $4 Chicken add-on - decent portion size that easily fed two adults. $4 seemed a little steep for the amount of chicken added, though the chicken was really good.

Topping Quality: Jalapeños, Pico de Gallo, Iceberg lettuce, a three cheese blend and sour cream drizzle - no complaints here. All tasty & fresh. Lettuce on nachos can be very underrated if properly done (it was!) No salsa or guacamole with these guys though.

Topping distribution: heavily loaded on the top layer of chips. Well spread out across but will need to use some of the top layer to dress up the last few chips. Go in with this plan and no chip will be left naked.

Chip quality: tasty, sturdy chips. No sogginess at all. 
Presentation: they looked damn good when they arrived to our table. Clean and orderly looking nachos.

Overall impression: the first stop on our tour was a good one. While they do have a few faults, they didn't disappoint and set the bar high for our next stops. 

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