Patty's Pub - Bank St. 

Our latest stop on the tour was to Patty's Pub on Bank St for some nachos following a tough ball hockey game. 

Total Score: 2/5

Portion Value: Plain nachos are $13.50 but inexplicably charge another $2 for veggies (Lettuce, tomatoes and sweet peppers). You can also add Jalapeños for another $1 or a protein for $5 (Chicken or pork). Decent portion size for $13.50, but the extra costs take away from that value. 

Topping Quality: The veggies were fresh but the choice of romaine lettuce doesn't offer much in terms of flavour, crunch or texture. The cheese started off well but had a rubbery texture pretty quickly.

Topping Distribution:  They nailed this part. Toppings were well spread out and covered all of the chips evenly. It could have used a few more chips as well, but this was far from the biggest negative. 

Chip Quality: The first few bites were awesome! These chips had great flavour to them but became soggy very quickly. 

Overall impression: The first few bites had us pretty excited. They have some good flavour, fresh veggies and a good chip but these nachos failed to carry the momentum through the rest of the meal.