Hometown Sports grill 

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The second game of the season saw the team travel to @hometownsportsg to see Canada win the World Cup of hockey and @ajgreen_18 crush the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. 

Total Score: 2/5

Portion Value: These guys are half price on Wednesdays and that's the only time I suggest getting them. For $7.50, you can't really complain. 

Topping Quality: the chicken portion was both generous and tasty. Cooked properly and avoided the dreaded "dry chicken" issue that plagues nacho platters around the world. No veggies or other variety of toppings hurt their score. 

Topping Distribution: Cheese and chicken was gravitated heavily towards the middle of the plate. While there was certainly a few layers of chips, there was regrettably only one layer of toppings. 

Chip Quality: Some of the chips were already soggy from the salsa by the time they got to the table. Yikes! 

Presentation: Rather plain looking. Since they only really had chips and chicken on them, they failed to jump off the plate. 

Overall Impression: The cheese and chicken were tasty but other than that, these nachos weren't as good as the atmosphere at Hometown Sports Grill to catch a game. Great beer deals though! Great place to catch a game with your friends, not so great nachos.