Fat tuesdays

Fat Tuesdays' slogan is a New Orleans Experience. If the real NOLA is anything like these nachos, I am booking my flight now! 

Total Score: 4.25/5

Topping Quality: Red Eye BBQ Sauce / Smoked Cheddar Blend / Jalapeños / Corn & Black Beans / Scallions and Cajun Chicken. The BBQ Sauce was a nice touch but the real winner here was the cajun chicken. The generous amount of chicken breast had me wanting to throw beads to all around us. The Veggies were a little weak so they lose a few points there. 

Topping Distribution: We need to give Fat Tuesdays their due here. They served a mountain of nachos with several layers and ALL of the chips were covered and cooked right through. So far, they have the best topping distribution of all the places we have reviewed. 

Chip Quality: A tasty chip that had a good structural integrity. If you are a nacho lover AND an engineer, this is the ultimate food porn. 

Presentation: If these nachos could have a real life job, they would be a model for a hipster clothing line. They are beautiful but also have the rustic look going for them. Served on a skillet and a rustic chic board, these guys are the Brandy Melville of the Nacho game.