The team travelled to Monkey Joe's on Carling to try out the Nachos that have been described by Monkey Joe's as a "Masterpiece" and "Legend in their own right". Total Score: 4.25/5

Portion Value: $17.79 with chicken or beef included in the price. The meat portion was generous and so was the size of the nachos. 

Topping Quality: Spiced beef with white corn chips, Monterey Jack cheese, shredded lettuce, baked beans, tomatoes, green onions and sour cream. The beef was great but the homemade salsa takes the cake here. Iceberg lettuce on Nachos is best served on top, after the cook to keep its cool crisp so could use a little work here.

Topping Distribution: all the chips were loaded and covered properly. Great distribution! 

Chip Quality: the chips were some of the tastiest we've had. They did sog a bit by the end from the salsa being served on the chips. Since the taste was above average, it wasn't as noticeable as other nachos we've reviewed. 

Presentation: Mouth watering display, no mess, tons of beef on top and good topping spread. They looked great. 

Overall Impression: were surprised to see such hype coming from Monkey Joe's themselves for their nachos but they backed it up! The salsa was great, the beef was flavourful and overall taste was great. It's a great sign for the nachos when the sour cream is left untouched!