This week, our team headed to the beautiful Mill St Brewpub at 555 Wellington St. 
Total Score: 4.25/5

Portion Value: Mill St offers half price appetizers from 9pm to close each night so these guys were only $11 ($8 without chicken). For the size of the nachos, that is by far the best portion value we've seen. They are still a fair value at full price as well. It is a generous portion. 
Topping Quality: They have the classics. Bell Peppers, Jalapeños, olives with salsa, sour cream and guacamole included. We added the Chipotle Chicken, which was very tasty. At $6, the chicken add-on is not cheap. At half price, you can't go wrong. The plain nachos are great as well. 
Topping Distribution: They lost some marks as the chicken wasn't really spread out and we needed to move it around manually to other chips for balance. 
Chip Quality: some longer and skinnier chips than most are used to seeing, but these guys were great. Didn't sog in the face of adversity and packed a nice salty taste with a good crunch. 
Presentation: you sure as heck won't be disappointed when these guys come to your table. 

Overall Impression: If you can hold off until the half price promotion times, it is hard to find a better plate of nachos for such a good price. If you're paying full price, they are still great! Though I would skip the $6 chicken. Enjoy them with one of many great beers available!