malone's lakeside

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We were alerted by a loyal fan that Malone's Lakeside Bar and Grill's menu claimed to have the best nachos in town. Obviously we had to see if this bold claim was true... wasn't

Total Score: 3/5 

Portion Value: The chicken nachos are $15.99. A decent amount of chips for the price. An average value for the price. 

Topping Quality: Mozzarella and Monterey Jack Cheese, sliced jalapenos, olives and chicken with salsa on top. These could have used a few more veggies on them but overall the toppings were nothing to write a blog about....

Topping Distribution: There was a stack of naked chips under the top layer so the two sour creams were needed. 

Chip Quality: While delicious, these babies sogged up fairly quickly under the pressure of the salsa. 

Presentation: The wicker basket, foil wrapped plate and plastic ramekins of sour cream were lazy and a little uninspiring. Definitely doesn't allow for a gasp when the plate arrives at the table. 

Overall Impression: While the overall taste was alright, we were left underwhelmed after their bold claim. Despite these not being the best nachos in Ottawa, Malone's boasts a great view of Dow's Lake and a whack of TV's to catch the game.