Local Public Eatery - Lansdowne

Our 8th Nacho stop was at the Local Public Eatery at Lansdowne. 

Total Score: 4/5


Portion Value: $19 for the full sized loaded nachos. The pulled chicken was included in the price of the good sized nachos. Split between four adults, was a great size for an appetizer but not as big as other nachos we've reviewed. 

Topping quality: Pulled chicken, avocado, sour cream drizzled on top, jack cheese, jalapeños and beans. Overall tasty toppings though the pulled chicken was soggy and didn't pack any punches. 

Topping Distribution: tons of toppings and sour cream on top. Most was well spread out across all of the chips and had some toppings throughout the whole thing. The cheese was a big let down. We felt like we were searching for cheese the entire time and someone in our party asked if there even was any cheese on the nachos. We found a good pile of cheese on the north side of the plate but would have liked to see more consistency here. 

Chip Quality: these chips seemed very fresh , with a good crisp throughout. Avoided the soggy label and stayed strong throughout. 

Presentation: Clean and crisp when they arrived and looked so good. Good spread across the plate with no mess. 

Overall impression: these were darn good nachos. While the cheese distribution and chicken are strikes against, the overall plate was a double to the gap.