The Pump is pretty dark so it was hard to get a great picture this time. 

The Pump is pretty dark so it was hard to get a great picture this time. 

Our latest stop was at the Lieutenants Pump on Elgin St to try their Pumped-up Chicken Nachos. 

Total Score: 3.25/5

Portion Value: Large size, great for sharing between 4 adults (which should be expected for the price of $19). Regular non chicken nachos only $14.50 - these would have better value for size. Chicken was not worth extra cost.

Topping Quality: Good variety of toppings which included jalapeños, black olives, onion, peppers and plenty of cheese. These came with small sides of guacamole, salsa and sour cream at no extra cost. The salsa was the best of this bunch.  We ordered chicken and it was a bit dry and didn't add much to the overall experience.

Topping Distribution: The only really "fully loaded" part was the top layer of chips while the bottom guys were pretty bare. The dipping sauces came in handy though. 

Chip Quality: A decent chip. Doesn't seem like they are made in house. They didn't get soggy at all, though having all of the sauces on the side and a dry chicken won't make it that difficult. 

Presentation: This is the only time we have ever seen Nachos come to the table served with a spoon on them. Not a big fan of having the dipping sauces served in a plastic ramkin right on top of the nachos. These guys should have a side plate of their own as it takes away from the would be good looking nachos! 

Overall Impression: These nachos packed a good taste to them. Hopefully other people have had better experiences with the chicken, but for the price we recommend skipping this add-on. If they cleaned up their act with the sauces and spoon as well as improved the chicken, these nachos would reach their potential.