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We've taken our first venture over the river to Gatineau to enjoy some nachos at La Cage for the new pulled pork with friend of the blog @bacon_n_segs 

Total Score: 4.15/5

Portion Value: $18.99 - It's a big portion so this is average bang for your buck value. We've seen better, we've seen worse. 

Topping Quality: Pulled pork, jalapeño peppers, coriander, green onions,cheddar and mozzarella mix, house onion rings, BBQ ribs sauce and a ranch-chive dressing. The pulled pork packed a bunch of flavor and was moist but didn't affect the integrity of the chips. They had a spiced sour cream, adding a tasty twist to the classic side. 

Topping Distribution: The downside to these guys was that they were pretty naked on the bottom. It is hard to understand why in 2016 restaurants haven't figured out the layering. Top layer great, bottom layer weak. 

Chip Quality: A good crunchy chip that stayed strong throughout the meal. La cage brings a good chip to the nacho game. 

Presentation: The housemade onion rings on top bring something new to a beautiful plate of nachos. On top of that twist, the rest of the plate looks bright and fresh. 

Overall Impression: The pulled pork was some of the best pulled pork we've had on nachos since they didn't compromise the chips. The onions rings were a nice touch and the toppings brought out some good flavors. For our first #Quebec review, la cage set the bar high. 

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