After many requests from our social media followers, we tried out the board nachos at Jack Astor's on Lansdowne. 

Total Score: 4/5 

Portion Value: We ordered two different 1ft short board options for a little variety - Taco Beef ($8.77) and BBQ Chicken ($9.44). If you want the long board, you need to add about %45 to those prices. These short boards won't fill you up on their own. If you are looking for more substance, they still have their regular nachos on the menu. 

Toppings Quality: The toppings are mega tasty here, folks. BBQ Chicken packed a little more heat and added bacon, which isn't done enough with Nachos. 

  1. Taco BeefMixed cheese, tomato, onions, peppers, iceberg, cilantro, garlic chips, lime.
  2. BBQ Chicken: Chipotle mayo, mixed cheese, bacon, sweet onion, tomato, peppers, iceberg, cilantro, lime. 

Topping Distribution: You won't find better distribution than this considering each of the 8 chips are topped individually are are loaded with premium toppings. 

Chip Quality: Because of the crazy amount of toppings, you don't notice the chips much with these guys. This time around, it's a good thing. They pack a good taste and crunch, but really let the toppings do the work. 

Presentation: An artistic display of nacho that would be fit for a gallery. They looked pretty. 

Overall Impression: Definitely a different take on nachos. These are to nachos what advanced stats are to nachos. If you are a sabrmetrics or corsi kind of person, you'll enjoy these nachos. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you will love the taste of these anyway.