The Heart and Crown - Preston St

Our 4th stop was the Heart and Crown on Preston st.

Total Score: 4/5

Portion Value: Share size nachos $15. Good portion size here. $3 Guacamole. They give you a generous amount in a tortilla bowl. $5 the chicken was underwhelming for the cost. Not the best chicken we have had and fairly small amount for the cost.

Topping quality: zesty cilantro infused salsa on the chips, shredded cheese blend, diced jalapeños, green onions and Roma tomatoes - the toppings were great. Tasty and gave the right kick.

Topping distribution: top layer was really well covered. Some of the bottom chips could have used some more cheese but overall good spread.

Chip Quality: great tasting chip that held its own, as well as the toppings and salsa. No sogginess at all!

Overall impression: these were some very good pub nachos that had a great mix of toppings and cheese. The chicken was definitely the biggest downside as it left a lot to be desired for a $5 add-on. Interested in trying the Chili Spiced Beef next time.