Crazy horse stonegrill steakhouse and saloon

We went to the Crazy Horse to eat some skillet nachos and listen to the great East coast band, Signal Hill! 

Total score: 4/5

Portion Value: $19 for a full skillet of nachos. They seem pricey but are a good size, fully loaded and come with a good portion of chicken on them. Too much for the average person so you'll probably need to share them. (Challenge has been laid down!)

Topping Quality: The chicken was perfectly cooked on these bad boys and were the highlight of the show. The salsa, tomatoes, olives and jaapenos were par for the course. 

Topping Distribution: If there is ever a world shortage of black olives and jalapenos, we would know why. The Crazy Horse was more than generous with the amount of olives and jallys.  Much like no solider left behind, no chip was left uncovered on this squad. Good spread of the cheese as well. 

Chip Quality: Great tasting chips with a great chip crunch. Didn't steal the show, but held up their end of the deal here. 

Presentation: They are served in a cast iron skillet and get huge points there. Adds to the flavor, but also adds to the look. Great presentation here. 

Overall Impression: Solid showing by the Crazy Horse. They came out swinging with the skillet and delicious chicken. If you take away half of the olives and jallys, you got yourself a great nacho!