cornerstone bar and grill


Total Score: 3/5

Portion Value: This plate of nachos cost a hefty $17 and didn't provide much bang for your buck. No protein, no guac, below average portion size. For the cost, these were disappointing. 

Topping Quality: Heavy drizzle of sour cream aka crema, pico, scallions, fresh chili and house salsa. The crema was overwhelming, taking away from the delicious pico and house salsa. Not much here in terms of veggies or other toppings. The jack&cheddar cheese blend was a nice touch though. 

Topping Distribution: Again, the cream drizzle on top was too much. Since there weren't a lot of topping to go around, it isn't surprising that there were a lot of near-naked chips. We say near naked because of course, the "crema" was everywhere. 

Chip Quality: These were the best part. A fresh tasting chip with a good crunch. The chips that were fortunate enough to have salsa unfortunately sogged up by halftime. 

Overall Impression: Nacho purists will be left disappointed as these guys are more or less chips and salsa. While those two components did pack some good flavour, they did leave you wanting more. Nacho best nachos!