Churchills - Westboro

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 07.05.27.png

Total Score: 3.5/5

Portion Value: $15 but you get your choice of Smoked Chicken or Beef included in the price (great!) But the overall size of the nachos were smaller than many of the other places we have reviewed (bad!)

Topping quality: smoked tomato and corn salsa, shredded lettuce, fresh tornadoes, jalapeno and smoked Monterey Jack cheese melted over corn tortilla chips topped with smoked chicken or shaved beef brisket. We took the waitress' chicken recommendation which was very tasty. The toppings were overall all great and packed some flavour. The lettuce here didn't offer a crunch or texture upgrade like the first nachos we reviewed did. 

Topping Distribution: this is the first instant where there were too many topping to chips given. All chips were covered but we could have used more chips to balance the topping load. As seen in the picture, the toppings were bunched in the middle and needed to be spread around by us. 

Chip quality: the chips tasted good and had a nice crisp at the beginning but were very soggy shortly into the meal. The salsa and chicken won the battle here. 

Presentation: we came into this meal starving after a long day or travel and we were definitely drooling when they came to our table. The chicken looked great. 

Overall impression: the smokehouse nachos offer a different take on nachos that hit very well on the taste. They were delicious! Unfortunately, they didn't fare well enough on a few key areas. Will definitely be back to try the fajitas nachos some day.