Bowman's bar and grill


Mrs. Nachos613 and I went to @bowmansbargrill on Carling and had ourselves some incredible nachos. We reviewed the Chicken and Texas Chili fully loaded nachos. 

Total Score: 4.7/5

Portion Value: These guys are a hefty $20. They are a decent sized portion and the beef chili is filling. 

Topping Quality: These guys are packed with chicken, texas sirloin chili, fresh beans and veggies. They are all fresh and prepared in house and pack a hell of a flavor punch. The dish comes with a delicious side of jalapeno jelly and red sauce. 

Topping Distribution: They fully loaded nachos name is very appropriate as every chip is accounted for with premium toppings. The sirloin beef chili is the big highlight here. Tender beef and beans complimented each other well. 

Chip Quality: Bowman's cuts and cooks the tortillas to order so every chip is as fresh as can be. The server boasted that the regular chips, cheese and salsa dish will blow you away. The chips packed a good crunch and also held up their own against the huge amount of toppings. The chef purposely has just one layer to prevent the chips from sogging. For our meal, they held up all the way through.

Overall Impression: I was a huge fan of these nachos. The fresh ingredients and well designed layering all added up to the best plate we have had so far. If you aren't a fan of so many toppings, Bowman's has a few different plates of nachos available. 

A shoutout goes to the knowledgeable staff that answered and discussed nachos with us throughout the meal.