Boston pizza - barrhaven

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Friend of the show @jencoline reminded us that Boston Pizza revamped their nachos so we had to try them out, naturally. 

Total Score: 3.5/5

Portion Value: If anything, Boston PIzza has huge nacho portion sizes! Even the appy size is big enough for 2-3 people to share. Also appreciate the fact that they include a protein of your choice on top. The full version can easily feed a family for a week. 

Topping Quality: The highlight is definitely their new house prepared tequila-lime chips. They added a good flavor to the dish and held up to the abundance of toppings through the meal. The ground beef was a little bland and left us longing for chicken or chorizo sausage.

**Important note: these guys followed with the trend of having a cheese sauce on top. We've had this a few times now and it has never been a good addition. Folks, let's stop with the cheese sauce, ok? 

Topping Distribution: These things were packed more than Nelly at Bluesfest! A little topping for every chip. 

Chip Quality: Bold new flavor, fresh and didn't sog?! They were the belle of the ball here. 

Presentation: These guys looked great. They were huge, evenly distributed and were pretty tasty. The lettuce was a nice touch, though Iceberg lettuce is preferred. 

Overall Impression: Definitely an improvement over their predecessor but a few tweaks are needed. They've come a long way and we would definitely recommend splitting them amongst friends while catching the game.