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Our latest review is for Blue Cactus Bar and Grill in the #bywardmarketLegend has it that Blue Cactus used to have the best nachos in town but slipped in the rankings over the years. 

Total Score: 2/5

Portion Value: The nacho portion is pretty small, especially when compared to the plate they come in. The ratio is far off which makes the dish seem empty. Definitely not the best bang for your buck. 

Topping Quality: The jalapenos were good but nothing here seemed fresh. 

Topping Distribution: Sour cream spread was pretty sloppy and inconsistent. 

Chip Quality: Some of the chips were the soggiest we have seen. The other ones that survived the battle were tasty though. 

Presentation: They had the right idea with the aluminium dish but the smaller portion of nachos really made the plate daunting and made it seem as though you weren't getting enough nachos. 

Overall Impression: These have to be one of the more disappointing plates we've reviewed. With a few tweaks and a bigger portion they could really turn things around. They need more love.