Big Rig - Gloucester

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Our latest post is from Big Rig in Gloucester for a little (or huge!) post Star Wars nachos! 
Total Score: 3/5

Portion Value: $19 for a very generous serving of Nachos. They were huge! A big plate full of layered Nacho goodness. Expensive but can feed an army, or hungry party of 3. Comes with pulled chicken or pork and a side of sour cream, salsa and guac included in the price. 

Topping quality: green onion, corn, black beans, Pico de Gallo, lettuce, mixed cheeses, jalapeños and pulled chicken with the previously mentioned sides. These were all pretty good! None of them stole the show but the chicken was good and far moist. Lettuce is served on the side and you get to sprinkle it on as you please. 

Topping Distribution: definitely spread out amongst the chips with a large quantity of toppings available for you to top up those few naked chips. 

Chip Quality: tasty chips for sure. They had a good flavour but like many of their nacho chip brothers before them, they became soggy from the PdG. 

Presentation: these nachos looked great upon arrival. We were pumped and ready to break out our top score ever until we got to the second layer...While the first half of the chips were great, the second half was underwhelming. Cheese wasn't melted (pictured) and the chips were soggy. 

Overall Impression: very strong first half, disappointing second half. Great nachos with tons of potential but some fine tuning is needed.