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Nachos613 & Friends went to Ahora Mexican Cuisine for some mighty fine nachos.

Total Score: 4/5

Portion Value: For $11.25, these were well valued, packed with fresh ingredients that packed more than your typical plate. For the price, well done. 

Topping Distribution: Top layer of chips were really well covered. Some gaps underneath but overall well covered. A shout out to the detailed Mexican Flag 🇲🇽 topping of guac, pico and sour cream. It was not lost on us. 

Topping Quality: The chicken was flavorful and well cooked while all the toppings were fresh! They have a salsa bar with many options, including jalapenos and cilantro. 

Chip Quality: You would expect these chips to crumble under the loaded toppings but they showed great resolve.  

Presentation: As mentioned above, the Mexican flag on top was a new touch that we haven't seen before. The attention to detail is fantastic. 

Overall Impression: While the quality isn't out of this world, these were still a good plate of nachos, even before factoring in the price.