Agave Grill - Wellington West

We went to Agave Grill on Wellington and had their Chorizo Nachos. Ready yourself for this one folks, these ones were tasty! 

Total Score: 4.5/5

Portion Value: This is where the points were deducted. They aren't your biggest plate of nachos. They definitely serve as an appetizer to your main course at Agave Grill but for $15, the value just isn't quite like it's competitors. 

Toppings Quality: Chorizo, mixed cheese, jalapenos, pico de gallo and sides of homemade salsa and a spicy green jalapeno salsa. Very fresh, very tasty. 

Topping Distribution: Like a good CFL offence, the toppings were spread across the field. No chip left behind. No nudity. Just good coverage. 

Chip Quality: These crisp corn tortilla chips are made in house and do not disappoint. They are flavourful, pack a good crunch and did not crumble under pressure of the toppings. 

Presentation: They are great nachos, and they know it so no need to show off. No extra pieces of flare here. 

Overall Impression: While the portions could be a bit bigger, these guys are pound for pound the best nachos that we've reviewed so far. Plenty of flavour, well cooked and most importantly, fresh. If these guys were a UFC fighter, they would be GSP in his prime.